Domino's Driver Shoots Robber

Almost every day I see news items about a pizza delivery driver who is robbed, assaulted and even killed. And yet, a Domino's delivery driver who shot an assailant who robbed him (the accomplice fled with the pizza, the soda and the money) would have faced disciplinary action if he hadn't resigned after the incident.

Domino's has a strict rule against their drivers carrying weapons. They think that telling the driver to be careful and not carry a lot of cash is going to help keep them safe. The number of robberies every week in the news is proof that their precautionary measures don't keep drivers safe.

Even if a driver empties his wallet of order payments and tips each time he returns to the shop, he is still going to have some money on him after just one trip. Obviously these guys who rob delivery drivers are willing to accept a small take. They are also willing to kill for it.

Although it may not make anyone feel safe to think that their delivery driver has a loaded weapon, it doesn't change the fact that in this case, that weapon saved the driver and stopped a criminal.

Of course, customers suspecting the driver is armed might make them think twice about stiffing him on the tip.


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Anonymous said...

I think your second ammendment rights should apply anywhere and everywhere. If you have an open carry, concealed carry permit, then there should be no harm. No employer should make a policy blatantly disregarding an individuals constitutional rights. especially when the job is one of the most dangerous jobs around.