Rain or Snow - The Pizza Driver Delivers

We're expecting a lot of snow and bad weather tonight. It's the kind of night where people all rush off to the grocery store to clean out the shelves of bread and milk because they fear being snowbound, or they go straight home and order pizza. The fearless pizza delivery dude will always brave the storm.

I have a friend who is a pizza delivery driver part time. She hates winter because of people with steep front stairs that don't clear them of snow and ice but expect the pizza delivery person to climb them anyway, or those who have long, icy driveways. There are those who don't turn on a porch light or tell the driver to go to the more accessible side door to make it easier. The final insult is sometimes a very small tip or no tip at all.

So, if the weather is inclement where you are and you think how nice it would be to have someone just bring you a pizza, think also about the delivery person. This is their living, that's why they go out in weather that you won't venture forth in. That's why they climb those icy stairs and take a risk driving on slick roads. Think about how you would want to be treated if you were doing that for someone else.

Take a moment to turn on the front light. Answer the phone if it rings, it's possible that the delivery guy can't find your house and needs more directions. Don't order a pizza and then jump in the shower so that you aren't there to answer the door. Throw some ice melt out on the stairs and if you have a ground-level door, tell them to go to that door instead of climbing your stately, 13-step front stairs. Above all, think of what they are doing to bring your dinner and to make a living and always tip the driver. It's how you would want to be treated if you were the delivery person.

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