Oreo Pizza from Dominoes Disappoints

Dominoes has come up with some clever dessert ideas. Because they focus on pizza, the dessert items either have to be made of pizza dough with a few extra ingredients or a very simple idea that fits in a cardboard box. Some of their desserts have become family favorites around here but not the Oreo Pizza dessert. Even the Oreo-lover of the family, my daughter, turned her nose up at this one.

The Oreo Pizza comes on a dark and very dry crust which is nearly flavorless. It is covered in a very thin white topping which is somewhat like marshmallow. Then Oreo cookies are crumbled on top. We all tried a piece, and for the first time ever with a dessert, we had some left over that no one wanted.

The problem I think lies mainly in the white topping. I imagined it would taste like Oreo cookie filling which, as everyone knows, is the tastiest and most popular part of an Oreo cookie. I know people who lick off all the filling and leave the cookie parts. They should have at least used a sweet glaze or icing. The topping wasn't sweet at all. You could have used Elmer's school glue and achieved the same level of flavor.

I could have forgiven the bland crust if the topping had been better. The company should realize that the white cream filling of an Oreo is key to its success. Why else would they make "double stuff" Oreos with twice as much filling? They know we are addicted to the stuff.

I don't this dessert will be around long, at least I hope not. I think Nabisco is doing itself a disservice by lending the Oreo name to this bland and unappetizing concoction.

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Anonymous said...

hey i happen to like that pizza well someone had to turn up for pepperoni to but that never stopped them from them