Chicken Caesar Salad at Dominoes

The kids and I wanted pizza tonight, so we called the trusty Dominoes store downtown and ordered two Brooklyn-style pizzas - one cheese and one pepperoni and sausage.

We all like the thin crust, fold-it-to-eat-it, Brooklynn style pizza. It's like the pizza my family used to get from the local Italian pizzeria downtown when I was a kid. I especially like the sausage - large, round, perfectly spicy.

But my husband didn't want pizza tonight, he's not as keen on it as we are and so to give his taste buds a break, I ordered him the chicken caesar salad. I wasn't sure what to expect from a salad at Dominoes, I half expected it to be made somehow out of pizza dough. But the salad was surprisingly good, he said it actually had more flavor than McDonald's salads because they used different greens and included red cabbage in the mix. They gave him two forks instead of a fork and knife but a knife wasn't needed. The salad greens and the chicken were all cut up into nice bite-size chunks. The salad was packaged well in its own plastic container, the salad dressing had a flavor something like ranch dressing but a bit spicier and they even included a package of croutons. All in all, it seemed a decent salad, although pricier than McDonald's for its salads with chicken.

So, if you have a family member who doesn't get as excited about pizza as you do, the salad is a nice alternative. And if they are still hungry after eating that, they can always grab a slice of the leftover pizza.


Anonymous said...

I agree. From a corporate based pizza joint, I was pleasantly impressed with their amazin' greens ceasar salad. You were lucky to get two forks. I didn't get any utensils. However, being a travel veteran... I had extra on hand. The salad was fresh, and a good value based on the size/amount & previous bloggers comments.

Anonymous said...

I also like the Chicken Caesar Salad from Dominoes. The pasta, salad, and sandwiches are more appealing then the pizza.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how large of a salad I could make for that price! ?!? Enough salad for atleast 4 people. Wake up America...stop giving away your money.