Pizza Hut Gift Cards

Following a survey that indicated that gift cards from restaurants are more highly desired gifts than from department stores, clothing stores or electronic stores, Pizza Hut is getting in on the Gift Card market with its own Pizza Hut Gift card.

As 95% of respondents said they thought gift cards were acceptable gifts, and 70% said they would like restaurant gift cards most of all, a Pizza Hut gift card might be just the thing for the pizza lover on your Christmas list.


Chicken Caesar Salad at Dominoes

The kids and I wanted pizza tonight, so we called the trusty Dominoes store downtown and ordered two Brooklyn-style pizzas - one cheese and one pepperoni and sausage.

We all like the thin crust, fold-it-to-eat-it, Brooklynn style pizza. It's like the pizza my family used to get from the local Italian pizzeria downtown when I was a kid. I especially like the sausage - large, round, perfectly spicy.

But my husband didn't want pizza tonight, he's not as keen on it as we are and so to give his taste buds a break, I ordered him the chicken caesar salad. I wasn't sure what to expect from a salad at Dominoes, I half expected it to be made somehow out of pizza dough. But the salad was surprisingly good, he said it actually had more flavor than McDonald's salads because they used different greens and included red cabbage in the mix. They gave him two forks instead of a fork and knife but a knife wasn't needed. The salad greens and the chicken were all cut up into nice bite-size chunks. The salad was packaged well in its own plastic container, the salad dressing had a flavor something like ranch dressing but a bit spicier and they even included a package of croutons. All in all, it seemed a decent salad, although pricier than McDonald's for its salads with chicken.

So, if you have a family member who doesn't get as excited about pizza as you do, the salad is a nice alternative. And if they are still hungry after eating that, they can always grab a slice of the leftover pizza.


Texting for Pizza

In the old days we used to call to order a pizza and then elect someone to go out to pick it up. Then came the glorious days of pizza delivery. We just made the call and magically the pizza was brought to us, no running out in the rain, cold or snow to get it. Then came ordering pizza online - what could be easier?

Well Papa John's is introducing a new service that is bound to make the day of some customers - texting for pizza. That's right, now ordering a pizza will be as simple as texting a message. Once a customer has set up an online account and chosen a favorite order, they can simply text it in and it will be delivered to their door. Imagine the convenience of texting in a pizza on your way home from a shopping trip or the movies? Supper ready and waiting when you arrive.


Pizza is a Hit in Siberia

Pizza is fast becoming a favorite menu item all over the world, even in Siberia. This story in Reuters tells of Minnesota native, Eric Shogren who has built a chain of 30 pizzerias across Russia - and according to Eric, he's "out here selling Russians pizza left and right".

Shogren, who started his pizza business in 1996 serves up pizza, fries and salted cookies to his Russian patrons. He now has plans for starting his own 3200-head dairy to supply enough cheese to keep his operations going.

"We should have known that people here are the same as they are anywhere else. They just want good, normal stuff," Shogren said.


Easy Pizza Sauce Recipes

If you've an urge to make your own pizza sauce, then the good news is that there are a lot of fairly simply sauce recipes out there. The easiest ones start with a foundation of tomato paste and add cheese and spices for flavor and aroma. For the more adventurous cook, there are also good recipes that are of medium difficulty and take slightly longer preparation times. But you can still make fresh and delicious sauce without spending hours at the stove.

This recipe for Easy Pizza Sauce requires no cooking at all, just mix ingredients and let stand so the flavors mix. It has all the ingredients of a traditionally flavored pizza sauce. This site has two other pizza sauce recipes that are quick and easy. What I liked most was that you can change the number of servings you need and automatically update the amounts on the ingredients. There's also a neat tool that converts from US measures to metric or vice versa.

There's a host of recipes at CDKitchen, ranging in preparation time from 30 minutes to about 2 hours and easiest to more difficult. If you want a wide range of options for seasoning and difficulty this is a good place to peruse the many choices.

They all look yummy but I tried only two, and one was the Easy Pizza Sauce with no cooking time involved. The flavor was very nice and the prep was temptingly easy, so I have to vote this one as my favorite.


Oreo Pizza from Dominoes Disappoints

Dominoes has come up with some clever dessert ideas. Because they focus on pizza, the dessert items either have to be made of pizza dough with a few extra ingredients or a very simple idea that fits in a cardboard box. Some of their desserts have become family favorites around here but not the Oreo Pizza dessert. Even the Oreo-lover of the family, my daughter, turned her nose up at this one.

The Oreo Pizza comes on a dark and very dry crust which is nearly flavorless. It is covered in a very thin white topping which is somewhat like marshmallow. Then Oreo cookies are crumbled on top. We all tried a piece, and for the first time ever with a dessert, we had some left over that no one wanted.

The problem I think lies mainly in the white topping. I imagined it would taste like Oreo cookie filling which, as everyone knows, is the tastiest and most popular part of an Oreo cookie. I know people who lick off all the filling and leave the cookie parts. They should have at least used a sweet glaze or icing. The topping wasn't sweet at all. You could have used Elmer's school glue and achieved the same level of flavor.

I could have forgiven the bland crust if the topping had been better. The company should realize that the white cream filling of an Oreo is key to its success. Why else would they make "double stuff" Oreos with twice as much filling? They know we are addicted to the stuff.

I don't this dessert will be around long, at least I hope not. I think Nabisco is doing itself a disservice by lending the Oreo name to this bland and unappetizing concoction.


General Mills Recalls Frozen Pizza

It's the largest frozen pizza recall of all time. In fact, it may be the only frozen pizza recall ever. General Mills is voluntarily recalling 5 million frozen pizzas sold under their Totinos and Jenos brand names because of possible E. coli contamination.

The problem may be with pepperoni on the pizzas which was added at a plant in Ohio. The pepperoni came from a separate supplier. There have been 21 cases of E. coli under investigation since July and 9 of the 21 infected people report eating either Totinos or Jenos pizza before they became ill.

General Mills said they initiated the recall as a precaution, no link has been established between their pizzas and the E. coli cases and inspections of their plants and products has not found any E. coli contamination.

General Mills asks that you throw away any frozen pizza involved in the recall but that you can get a replacement by clipping the bar code from the box and mailing it with their name and address to Totino's/Jeno's, P.O. Box 200 -- Pizza, Minneapolis, MN 55440-0200.

Here's a list of the products affected by the recall:

• Totino's Party Supreme, 42800-10700
• Totino's Three Meat, 42800-10800
• Totino's Pepperoni, 42800-11400
• Totino's Pepperoni, 42800-92114
• Totino's Classic Pepperoni, 42800-11402
• Totino's Pepperoni Trio, 42800-72157
• Totino's Party Combo, 42800-11600
• Totino's Combo, 42800-92116
• Jeno's Crisp 'n Tasty Supreme, 35300-00561
• Jeno's Crisp 'n Tasty Pepperoni, 35300-00572
• Jeno's Crisp 'n Tasty Combo, 35300-00576