Librarian Lures Teens With Pizza

If you want to lure teenagers into the library for some sneaky introduction to literature, what's the best way to ensure a good turnout? Throw a pizza party of course.

That was the idea of Amy McCue, the librarian in Windsor, CT. She held a pizza taste test and invited children ages 11 to 18 to come to the library for free pizza and to judge the contest. There were pizzas from several local pizzerias and while the kids were busy munching and mulling over the ratings to give each pizza, McCue introduced them to books and reading.

She also invited those attending to read a book and write a review which she would include in a bound book. She promised to wear a funky costume of the kids' choosing to work if she got 100 submissions. The event was a success and several books were checked out of the library that evening.

Pizza and kids, they naturally go together.

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