Lahmacun - Turkish Pizza

If you're an adventurous type and you want to try something different, how about a Turkish Pizza? Lahmacun, a traditional Turkish dish is often called Turkish Pizza and it does have similarities.

The lahmacun is a flat bread that is covered in minced meat (usually beef or lamb), and sprinkled with lemon. The dough is thin and formed into ovals. After cooking, the lahmacun is often rolled up and served with tomatoes or other vegetables.

I found a wealth of recipes on the net that vary in authenticity and difficulty. Some include instructions for making your own dough, others substitute pita bread for a quick and easy homemade turkish pizza. Here's a sampling of recipes, one is sure to make your mouth water.

Turkish Foods & Cooking - authentic recipe

Recipe Zaar - a spicy but easy recipe using turkish bread as a base

Food Network CA - a delicious recipe but you better be a skilled cook. The picture will convince you to try it, yummy.

Turkish-Cypriot Cuisine - the easiest recipe I saw, using pitas and ground beef. The directions are clear and simple.

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Mirium said...

Thanks! I was just looking for more recipes and see you already compiled some :) I'm going to try the spicy one - I think that sounds most like the one I had on the street. The ones I had were quite spicy and tasty, and were served rolled-up.