The History of Pizza

Pizza most likely originated in Naples, Italy, and was originally a dish common among the poor who added tomato to their yeast-based flat bread. As it gained popularity, tourists sampled the local dish. Vendors sold their wares in the streets, carried in cylindrical drums with false bottoms packed with charcoal from the oven fires to keep the pizza hot. From these humble beginnings, the favorite dish of America was born.

Pizza was introduced to the United States by Italian immigrants who sold pizza in the same way as the original Naples' vendors on the streets of American cities where there were large Italian populations.
The Antica Pizzaria Port Alba in Naples is possibly the oldest pizzeria in the world.

The first pizzeria in America is believed to have been opened by Gennaro Lombardi in 1905 when he first began selling pizza from his grocery store.

Today there are more than 3 billion pizzas sold annually in the United States, making pizza one of America's favorite foods.

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