Halloween Pizza Ideas

Here's the easiest Halloween pizza idea you will ever come across. Having kids in for a Halloween party? Make pumpkin and ghost pizzas. It's perfect for the kids, you can let them make and decorate their own.

Start with already made pizza crusts from the supermarket or you can use large round pitas, get a jar of ready-made pizza sauce and all your toppings and let the kids get creative. Look for colorful items, like red and green peppers, that can be used to add detail to your pizza. Remember, after baking, a strip of ketchup can look like dripping blood.

For a more traditional pumpkin pizza, use a grated orange cheese or a combination of mozzarella and cheddar. Pepperoni can be used to form a mouth, sliced black olives can be arranged as eyes, broccoli for the stem or even hair if your pumpkin pizza-maker prefers a well-coifed pumpkin. Be creative, a roasted red pepper can be a stuck-out tongue.

If the kids want a ghost pizza, then start with french bread cut into half loaves and sliced length-wise. For ghosts, use plenty of the white mozzarella cheese and black olive slices for ghostly eyes. One pepperoni serves well as a gaping mouth that seems to say "Boo!".

Bake the pizzas on non-stick baking sheets in a 425° oven until cheese is melted.

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