Family Pizza Night

Ever notice that when people want to get together to celebrate, that pizza is often the menu choice for large groups? The reason is pizza's popularity, there is scarcely anyone who doesn't love some variety of pizza and plain cheese pizza is always a safe bet for a large get-together. The words "pizza" and "party" just seem to go together.

For example, my son's elementary school is holding a school pride "Pizza Party" for students who have been an example of their pride and policies of good effort and good conduct. Because he was chosen to participate, he gets to have pizza with his other chosen schoolmates and the prinicpal.

Pizza is as close to being the American national dish as hotdogs, hamburgers and apple pie. Why not set aside a special day each week that your family celebrates just being together? A Family Pizza Party will bring you all closer, give you quality time together and be a wonderful shared experience that could become a family tradition. Why not tonight? Make Friday, Family Pizza Party Night and enjoy the warmth that is family.

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