The Lion and the Pizza Dude

Detroit Lions wide receiver Roy Williams made headlines when he admitted in an interview earlier this month that he doesn't tip the pizza dude.

Apparently, Williams didn't know that you were supposed to tip the guy who hands you the pizza. But a little advice from a Pizza Hut delivery driver set him straight.

"It was the pizza guy. I’m not saying I don’t tip waitresses or anything else. I mean we’re talking about the pizza guy who hands me the pizza and I give him the money. The ironic thing Saturday night I’m heading to the hotel and I stop at a light I never have to stop at, and it was red. And guess who pulls up next to me? Pizza Hut man. I roll my window down, and I say, 'Pizza dude, how much am I supposed to tip you?' He said 'Three, four maybe five dollars.' And I said, 'Thank you.' So now I see it’s three, four maybe five dollars and I’m going to start tipping the pizza man."

Pizza Hut President Scott Bergen sent an open letter to Williams challenging him to make up for past tipping sins by delivering pizza on October 16, and that Pizza Hut would donate all his tips to World Food Program. Williams accepted the offer and will deliver pizza for Pizza Hut in Detroit.

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